Catholic Reverts

Catholic Revert

Michael Luvara

Michael is a 32 years old Catholic Christian who came home in December 2007 to the Church after 15 years away. His story like many, as of falling away from the Sacraments after Confirmation and only to later return to the Church.

Coming Home


December 24, 2007 is a date I won't forget. This past Christmas Eve (December 2010) marks three years since I made the official decision to return to the Catholic Church after some 15+ years away. It was my conscious effort to follow Christ and his Church - my "Yes, Lord".  Beginning with several notable occurrences in the prior year, I made the decision to attend Midnight Mass by myself at the local Mission. I chose this place for several reasons. It was close, I had been there for a wedding in 2006 and lastly, I was baptized there as an infant, so it is a special place to me. Why not a rebirth there? I had not been to a Catholic Church (outside of funerals or weddings) on my own accord since my confirmation in 1992. In fact, I more or less feared setting foot in a church as it wasn't something I was comfortable doing. Add to that comments from many and society's labels and it is almost taboo. When I would drive by a Catholic Church, my conscience always nagged at me, but I would tend to find some excuse. I had always known that I would return one day, however my answer was "later", "sometime", or "not yet". That time was now.

Catholic Revert

Chris Tray

Chris Tray has been involved in music ministry for over twenty years and has been blessed with the creation of some beautiful music. However, it was not until he was on an "Into the Wild" Catholic men's group retreat that he came to feel the presence of Jesus in his life. This story is about that moment.

Prior to joining the Catholic men’s group The Kings Men, I believed the life events I had been experiencing were relevant to distancing myself from the Catholic Church. When I take a moment to reflect on my life, it is revealed to me how many times God came to my assistance only for me to repeatedly shun Him. Fortunately my life’s journey continued to grant me opportunities to accept God’s will. Following my acceptance of the truth, I began to appreciate the significance of prayer, faith, penance and forgiveness. I joyfully accept His plan for my life and my role as a servant of God. I enthusiastically use His gifts for others to feel closer to His love.

Catholic Revert

John Pridmore

John is a former East End Gangster turned Christian who now travels internationally speaking to others about how his life changed.

My name is John Pridmore and this is my story.

I was born in the East End of London at the Salvation Army Hospital. Though I was baptised as a Catholic I never went to a Catholic school or to church. At the age of ten I came home on a normal night and my parents told me I had to choose who I wanted to live with because they were getting divorced. I loved my parents so much and I couldn’t choose because the two people I loved the most had just crushed me. It was then that deep down inside I made a choice not to love anymore because I thought if I don’t love I won’t get hurt.

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